Are you convinced?

The word convinced is defined as being completely certain about something. If you look at synonyms for the word convinced you will see persuade, prove, talk into, bring over and satisfy. So basically when we are talking about being convinced about something we are saying that I have been persuaded, talked into and I am certain that what I’ve read, what somebody has said, what I viewed or heard is true. When a person has become convinced it is like they have taken a solid stand. Meaning they are not moved! They are not moved by what others say or don’t say. They are not moving! This is how we need to be with the promises of God! We need to be so convinced that what God says is true that nothing, no one or any situation will move us off the Word of God. We need to be solid! Feet planted and not moved.

Abraham was convinced about God and His promises. He was so convinced that scripture says in Romans 4:21 (TPT) That he was mighty in faith and convinced that God had all the power needed to fulfill his promises, Abraham glorified God! Abraham was so convinced that God would fulfill His promises to him that he didn’t allow the fact that he was way past child bearing years to destroy or hinder his faith in God. He didn’t allow what he saw to move him. He knew that Sarah and him were way past the time to have children but he didn’t waiver! Why? Because he was convinced that if God said something, made a promise to him He would fulfill it.

As believers when we are standing on the Word of God and believing for something to change sometimes we get convinced that God cannot instead of God can! We need to be like Abraham. We don’t ignore the problem or the issue but we acknowledge that with God all things are possible! If He has said it, He will do it and we can trust His Word!

So how do we get convinced? The more you read God’s Word and talk about it to yourself and those around you, faith will be built up and strengthened. And when your faith is being built up you will become convinced that God’s Word is true. That if He has said something in His Word He will do it! He will fulfill his promises in your life. Then you can just raise your hands and glorify God because it is coming to pass. You will be so convinced that nothing will shake you or move you off God’s Word.

So let me ask you the question I asked at the beginning of this blog - Are you convinced? Are you convinced that what God says is true? Let's become like Abraham fully persuaded and convinced that if God said it He will do it! Get into His Word and build yourself up and watch your life and situations change! Pastor Matt