Welcome to LifePointe Church!
Our Vision

“We exist to love God, love people and lead them into a relationship with Him. We are passionate about the Bible and its PRACTICAL application in the believer’s everyday life.”

We believe we must purposefully advance the kingdom of God with a passion for the unsaved emphasizing their development through bible based discipleship.

Our pursuit is to be a solid community of believers in Christ in relationship with one another. At LifePointe Church we endeavor to create an atmosphere of a loving home where everyone feels at home and has a sense of value. 

We believe that as God loves us we also should love one another. Love is key to the believers journey in Christ and in all ways everyday we should pursue love and display it to all as Jesus does.

Relationship, discipleship, practical application of the word of God and being led by the Holy Spirit are key elements in the development of each person in order for them to be the person God created them to be. 
This is our vision.


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