So this last week I was reminded of a scripture that most of us have heard numerous times if we've attended church for any length. And when I state the scripture reference most of us could probably quote it or we have heard it before. So what scripture am I talking about? The scripture I am referring to is Philippians 4:19 "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus".

Just think how many times we have heard this scripture? We here it on TV and from the pulpit. We have heard it in sermons and during the offering. But the question I want to ask you today is simply this - Do you believe it?

So many of us can quote scripture but I have learned in life that you can quote something but not really believe it. You can say "Yes, I know it!" but do you really believe that God can and will take care of you? Because the world we are living in right now people seem to be gripped with fear and question whether or not God will help them out.

Well I have good news for you! He will supply your need! God is able to meet any need you have and nothing is impossible for Him. That's right God will take care of any need you have. Bills, payments, groceries whatever the need you have if rely on Him and He will never fail you. Yes, I know the world is crazy right now but God's Word never changes! If He provided for the men and the women in the Bible He will provide for you. Just trust in Him and His faithfulness! He is not a liar and in fact everything He says is truth. So when doubts try to creep into your thought life remind yourself that God cannot lie! He will provide for me if I trust in Him!

I want to encourage you this week and month to continually trust in Him. Remind yourself of this verse and allow His Spirit to minister to you. I know the world maybe in turmoil but you don't have to be! Why? Because you have God on your side and He is the source and He has more than enough to take care of you and those around you. Have a blessed week and month and remember God will supply all your needs! And nothing is impossible for Him.

Pastor Matt